Goodbye stressed out, overworked, and time-starved Mom, and hello organized, relaxed, and fun-loving Mom!

  When you became a mom you had a picture in your mind of what it would look like, but real life is not quite what you imagined. 

You know your life could be better, more fun and less chaotic. That you really need more patience with your kds and less time wasted on going back home to get things you forgot.

But life feels overwhelming with all of the different hats you already wear everyday. Wife, mom, employee, business owner, friend, sibling, daughter. It feels like a never ending “to do” list that you can’t keep up with.  

How can you do "all the things" and still have time at the end of the day?  

When you found out you were going to become a mom your first instinct was to find out as much as you could about your new baby. You read books, talked to other moms and probably even took a few classes.  

That same instinct needs to carry over to your life. Find the experts who have done this before. Read books that tell you what to do, take courses that show you how to create systems for your day to ay tasks so they take less time.  

It still seems like you are the ONLY one dealing with the struggles of motherhood. Every ther mom around you seems to have it all figured out.

All of those moms that you envy who seem to have it "all together" have the same stresses and to do lists that you do. 

She has just found a way to organize her time and productivity so that she can do more in less time. She avoids doing the unecessary and focuses on the important tasks. So creates systems that work in all areas of her life.  

Here’s why what you have been doing is not working:

Most time management and productivity books are written by people who do not really understand the struggles of the mom. They don't have kids, a job or business, a crazy extracurricular schedule, AND a home to take care of. Those books caters to people who are just building a business or just want to get more done at their job.  

While a lot of time and productivity advice is super helpful and works it usually isn’t actionable for a busy mom. Mom’s just don’t have the same time constraints that high power business people have.  

Realistically you have to keep track of a loads more than that busy executive. You are doing "all the things". From managing work and home responsibilities to remembering to include self-care and friendships in your week.  

With all of life to do first by the end of the day you are so exhausted and emotionally fatigued, it’s a fight to figure out the time management and productivity systems on your own.  

The struggle is real.  

What you really need are time management and productivity strategies that are mom tested and realistic to daily life

Hi I’m Rachael! 

I teach frazzled moms how to create more time and be more productive so that they can do more in less time.

I love helping moms create loopholes in their day so that they can fit in time for things like a workout, meditation, or some alone time and do it all with less yelling, interruptions, and stress. I always have enjoyed doing thiese things for myself. As a busy mom of 6 who runs her own business I had to embrace systems to reduce stress in my life and I can do the same for you. 

Now I am taking all of my experience from creating my own systems and teaching you how to use them in your life.  

This isn’t like other coaching programs, instead I’ll meet with you to determine what YOU need first. Your family life is unique and in order to get you the quickest results we will create a strategy that addresses your biggest need first

Whether that is time management, increasing productivity, or giving you accountability, we start where you are now and build from there.  

This coaching program is for you if:  

  • You are sick of walking out the door morning yelling at your kids, spilling coffee, and fotgetting things.

  •  You want to create more quality time for yourself and your family. 

  • You are tired of going to bed exhausted at night feeling like you didn't "get it all done".

  • You are a busy mom who doesn’t have the time to work with fluffy programs that don’t get to the point. 


Here Are 2 Ways I Can Help You Thrive!

Fulfilled Mama Coaching: An 8 Week Coaching Experience

In this coaching program we will start by looking at your life overall. We will work together to create more time in your day so that you have more time for "all the things". I will teach you how to be more productive with that time, and then will hold you acountable to make it happen.

These time management and productivity systems will cut your to do list in half and ensure that you have time to do it all. 

Here's what’s included in the 6 Week Program: 

  • Eight 45 min 1:1 phone calls where we will will discuss your current struggles, create a plan, and discuss impementation.
  • Support via slack in between calls to answer any questions you have  

Systems & Skills you will learn: 

Time Management Skills Learn how to use your time in the most efficient way possible. Every hour you have is precious and the more wisely you use your hours, the more time you will have for yourself and yor family. We will talk about everything from how to automate some of your routine tasks to eliminating things that just don't really need to be done.  

Productivity Systems This is the fun part. Once we have discovered the time leaks in your day we will create systems that will help you do twice as much in half the time. Get the laundry done faster, make to lists that actually help you do the things (instead of just freaking you out), and help you get out the door in the morning without ll of the usual chaos! 

Boundaries Learn what boundaries you should be creating and how to do it to not only give you more time but also to gain respect from those around you. You will not miss any of the important things in lie but will have more to focus on whatis important. 

Self-Care Discover why self-care is important and how to have more of it in your life. Even if you think you have zero time for to take care of yourself we will find it!

Accountability It is easy to create a plan but it is hard to implement and keep doing it! Once we create the strategies we will work together all week through Slack to keep you accountable to "do the things". This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and ensure that you are continuallky moving forward and not falling back into old patterns.

Fulfilled Mama Quickie: 1:1 strategy session

This is for the Mama who is ready to get the tools and get started ASAP yet she just needs a jumpstart. If all you want is someone to tell you exactly what to do to create time and increase productivity to get started yesterday, this is the coaching session you need. We will hop on a 2 hour call and go over a strategy that works WITH your life and FOR your family.

Here's what’s included in the session: 

  • A 2 hour strategy call where we will lay the framework for a time a productivity strategy specific to YOUR needs.
  • Supported via slack for one month following the strategy call to answer any questions you have  

If you are ready to: 

- Create more time in your day -  

- Accomplish all of the important tasks in your day with less stress -  

- Shift from feeling overwhelmed in your life to having more control -  

- Learn strategies for time and productivity that work for real moms -  

- Maintain a family while also having more time for yourself -  

- Focus your energy on things that matter most and let go of overwhelm -  

- Set achievable daily goals that you will hit with ease -  

- Feel like a good mom even though you have things to do -  

- Spend less time doing "all of the things" so that you have more time for family -

Then let’s connect and create a life free of stress and overwhelm!

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